no shoes. no shirt. no problems.

I love surprises.  There is nothing like being the master mind behind anything whether it be a birthday present, graduation celebration, or in this case, a trip to Cabo!  This time, Morgan was my target, and it didn’t take long to plan the logistics once my coworker at Google, Twinkle, showed me the site bookit.  You spend just a few minutes on the site, and you’ll be left dreaming about 100 different vacations you would take if you only had the time.  Our trip details included the following:

Duration: 3 nights, 4 days

Location: San José del Cabo

Accommodations: Royal Decameron Los Cabos All-Inclusive

Favorite bar: El Squid Roe

…and countless new friends made!  With this being my first time to Mexico, I was so cautious about what was considered to be ‘safe’, but Morgan and I were both pleasantly surprised.  One of the nights [or more accurately, early mornings] we were taking a taxi back from the bars and restaurants, Morg forgot his GoPro in the car.  He didn’t realize this until we had already made it back to our room.  When he raced to the front desk to see what they could do, the hotel staff went to work.  The next afternoon while we were having lunch, we got a call that the taxi driver was at the front desk with the GoPro in hand – now, had we pulled a similar stunt in the city, that GoPro would have been long gone!  No shoes. No shirt. No problems in Mexico.






pacific northwest road trip

This world whispers to us in our sleep.

..and it is a beautiful thing when you don’t let your dreams end when you wake.  Morgan had always wanted to road trip all the way to Whistler, BC, Canada, and honestly, being the big time skier he is, I found it crazy he had yet to make this dream a reality.  When he mentioned Whistler for NYE, the idea was music to my ears.  The next step – would Jeff and Katie think this idea was as perfect as we did?  That was easy.  They were in even after realizing we wouldn’t be flying to Whistler.  Instead, we were about to travel [1,703 km, 16 h 54 min x two] 3,406 km in one car.

The trip started as the sun was going down.  We decided it was more efficient to drive through the night from the East Bay [CA] into south-central Oregon.  Our first stop was Crater Lake, and we made it just in time to witness the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen – hands down.

Next up and jazzed by the sun spectacular we had just witnessed, we continued to Bend, Oregon – our resting spot for the night.  When we arrived we had only a handful of things we wanted to accomplish: beer tasting, ski Mt Bachelor, and more beer tasting

The trip continued through northern Oregon, across the state of Washington, a quick pit stop in Vancouver, and then, finally, we made it to Whistler.  Some of the sites/adventures/good eats included:

-Voodoo Doughnut (Oregon)

- Smith Rock (Oregon)

- Mt Hood (Oregon)

- REI’s flagship store (Washington)

- Starbuck’s original store (Washington)

- Suspension Bridge (Vancouver)

The girls knew the boys had a surprise waiting for us in Whistler so when we finally got there, I was ready for some backcountry skiing or horse back riding – bungee jumping wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.  I was out of my comfort zone, but with everything already planned out and paid for, the options were 1. jump or 2. jump so jump we did.  All of us checked bungee jumping over a snowy river in Whistler off our bucket lists.

Check out more of our photos below to see what else Whistler had in store for us.

sunset sessions – part I

There are some things in this world you can rely 110 percent on.  Time will always keep ticking, people will never stop dreaming, and  the sun is going to rise in the morning and set in the evening.

Knowing this, our fascination with finding the most gorgeous front row seats to the sun’s spectacular show was born.  You don’t have to wake up in Hawaii to find the best sunrise and sunset.  If you live in the bay area, there is a special place where the sky meets the earth right in your backyard.  During the week, we like to slip away to the ridge up above Palo Alto in the Santa Cruz mountains.  California State Route 35, better known as Skyline Boulevard, is a hot spot for cyclist, automobile enthusiasts,  or just your average joe view seekers.  The free therapy these weekday dates to Skyline offer allow the chance to recharge our batteries and tap into those creative outlets.  Here’s what we have to show for it.

valley adventures

When you hear someone reference the valley, my tech-conditioned mind automatically assumes one is referring to the bubble that is silicon valley, but there is another valley just a couple hours away, and this weekend, we escaped to it.  Yosemite, CA is just 3 hrs + some change away from San Jose.  Morgan and I tossed all the blankets we could find in the back of the jeep and headed that way with no reservations, no plans.  It was dark when we got up to Glacier Point, but we didn’t mind.  The jeep turned into our accommodations for the night pretty quickly – you have no idea what a cold night is until you’ve experienced one from the back of your car at 3,214 feet above Curry Village.

Farewell to comfort when your plans are this spontaneous – but worth it!

say yes to the dress

Nicole said YES! to the dress this weekend in LA.  I don’t think a more low key bride exists on this planet.  It was the first wedding dress weekend we had.  Noodle found the one at the third store we visited, and let me just tell you – you are all in for a treat.  It is gorgeous.  The crew included Noodle (the lovely bride), myself (MOH), Auntie Becky (mother of the bride), Teresa (mother of the groom), Auntie Rae, Ashley Pi (bridesmaid), and cousin Maddie.

In case you all think you are getting lucky, you certainly won’t find a picture of the perfect number here!  You all will just have to wait until September 13th, 2014 for the big reveal.

a sidewalk cafe in SF

“Money lives in New York. Power sits in Washington. Freedom sips Cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco.” [JoeFlower]

Morgan bunking (literally, home is the top of a bunk bed) in the city has introduced me to life in SF on the weekends.  For us, it isn’t so much about the bars and unlimited foodie joints, but we have been loving the outdoor escapes just beyond the city limits.  In my opinion, the beauty of SF is the unlimited opportunities – if you can dream it, you can find it in the city.  This weekend, we jumped across the Golden Gate over to Stinson Beach.  If you are looking for a gorgeous drive, I highly recommend it.

Farewell to the word boredom in any city dweller’s vocabulary.

halloween crafting

As we get older, halloween only gets better (definitely must be my father’s daughter).  On a holiday where all outfits are fair game, there is no better excuse to dig out a glue gun and go to work.  This year was no exception.  Once Morgan and I decided we were going to go all in together, we started brainstorming.  We knew we wanted feathers – lots of them, and we had a vague idea that we would be spending the night going out in the city.  It was a recipe for a ton of fun so we let the creative juice run wild…better yet fly free.